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Removing the barriers to wellness.

Every New Mexican has a right to be healthy. But not everyone has health insurance. Or the money for treatment. Or transportation. Or time off from their hectic schedules. Or several other reasons that stand between them and feeling their best.

Community health centers are non-profit clinics with healthcare professionals who provide state-of-the-art, specialized care in medical, dental and behavioral health services. They also specialize in the patients they serve. Because they are a part of those communities—your community. They’re run by people who speak the same language and grew up with the same traditions and share the same roots, and who understand the obstacles that stand before you and the care you deserve.

Community health centers really see you for who you are—your needs and your struggles. As a mother or father or grandparent. Your deep cultural connections. They’re people who know you as a person in our community worthy of the best care possible. And they will reach out as far as they can to ensure you get it.


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Why choose a community health center?


They’re affordable

Community health centers offer low-cost care to those who qualify, even if you don’t have insurance. Many clinics also offer on-site Medicaid sign-up and assistance.


They keep communities healthy

Community health centers treat and help control life-threatening chronic diseases and other high-risk, costly conditions. They provide management and early screening to help patients identify potential health problems.


They provide high-quality care

Community health centers’ health professionals come from medical schools across the country to shortage areas. Community health centers are also equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide the best care possible.


They’re hyper-local

Community health centers are run by New Mexicans, for New Mexicans, are conveniently located in the communities they serve, and staffed by people who understand the specific needs and cultures of those areas.


They’re non-profit

Community health centers aren’t in it for the money. These clinics are driven by a calling to help people by providing the best care possible to those who need it most. The money clinics receive goes right back into the community.

Making it easier to be seen.

Community health centers help you put your health first by offering:

  • Affordable, low-cost care
  • Medicaid and Medicare enrollment
  • Care to under- or uninsured patients
  • Convenient locations
  • State-of-the-art technology

Find a clinic near you.

Community health centers are built by their own communities.


They support community development

Community health centers in New Mexico employ over 4,000 people, generating jobs and community economic development (the majority in rural areas) in addition to providing access to care and improving the overall health of communities.

They invest in their communities

Health clinics provide over $120 million dollars in care and save patients an estimated $90 million in more costly specialty and hospital care.


What Services are Available?


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